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Digital Glasgow Strategy 2023-2028


Glasgow City Council are drafting a Digital Glasgow Strategy 2023-2028.

The Communities of Glasgow are asked to inform the 'Digital Society' part of the strategy; the part relating to people.

The aim of the strategy is to provide a coherent and comprehensive vision and plan that allows Glasgow to take advantage of the opportunities of digitisation and address the challenges that it presents in line with the priorities set out for the city in the Council’s Strategic Plan, and other key strategies for the city, such as the Glasgow Economic Strategy, Climate Action Plan and Open Government Action Plan.

Whereas the Digital Glasgow Strategy for 2018-2023 was split into two main parts: Digital Economy and Digital Public Services, we have decided to split the strategy into three parts to increase the focus on people. There were many actions contained within the previous strategy (digital inclusion, skills, ethics, privacy, community empowerment, etc) that related to people; however, they were split across the Digital Economy and Digital Public Services. By separating this out into a new part called 'Digital Society' we aim to demonstrate a more coherent vision for what the strategy means for the people of Glasgow.